Foods You Never Knew Were Invented In Philadelphia

Even the most avid of local foodies will be surprised by our comprehensive list of foods invented in Philadelphia. Foods Invented In Philadelphia Soda Pop - Philadelphia druggist Townsend Speakman created this popular drink by adding fruit flavoring to carbonated water to create a palatable beverage for those wishing to enjoy the assumed health benefits of soda water. Bubble Gum - In 1928, accountant Walter E. Diemer of Fleer Chewing Gum Company discovered a stretchy variant that would allow chewers to create bubbles. He presented it to the president of the company, who dubbed it Dubble Bubble - still a well known brand. Why is it pink? Because that was the only color of dye they had on hand. Cheesesteak - Of course, this one is obvious. But did you know it was originally served without cheese? Foods Invented In Philadelphia Stromboli - Nazzareno Romano of Romano's Pizza invented the stromboli in 1950, with the intent to create a stuffed pizza. At the time, a Hollywood scandal had broken out due to an affair between the director and star of the movie Stromboli. Hoping to take advantage of a marketing opportunity, Romano named his stuffed pizza the same. Good & Plenty - First produced by Philadelphia's Quaker City Confectionary Company in 1893, these pink and white candies became a favorite throughout America. Fun Fact: Good & Plenty is also not only one of the most famous foods invented in Philadelphia, but also technically the oldest commercially branded candy in America. Ice Cream Soda Invented in Philadelphia Ice Cream Soda - Robert M. Green was overwhelmed by the line at his soda fountain shop during the bi-centennial celebration of the Franklin Institute - and to make matters worse, he ran out of cream. He ran to a nearby competitor to purchase ice cream, intending to melt it down to create the cream he needed. But, he didn't have time, so to expedite his long lines he began plopping a scoop of ice cream into his sodas, and the ice cream soda was born. Peanut Chews - Created by the Goldenberg family, these are not only foods invented in Philadelphia, but also produced here for over 85 years until being purchased by Bethlehem, PA candy company Just Born in 2003. Foods Invented In Philadelphia Tastykakes - Invented in 1914 Philadelphia, Tastykakes remains a local favorite, particularly their Krimpets. Why didn't founders Philip J. Baur and Herbert C. Morris open the bakery in their hometown of Pittsburgh? At the time, Baur's family was in the process of selling their Pittsburgh bakery, and weren't allowed to open another within 100 miles, so the partners came to Philly. The Schmitter® - Invented by the McNally family, this sandwich has actually been trademarked because of its popularity. And having been in business since 1921, the McNally's are experts in their craft, and still serve up Schmitters featuring their signature Schmitter sauce made fresh daily. Learn more about our Chestnut Hill Food recommendations. Candy Corn - Dating back to the 1880s, George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia created the legendary Halloween treat. Even more cool? Candy corn has been to space. Foods Invented In Philadelphia Italian Market OTHER PHILADELPHIA FOOD FIRSTS Italian Market - While well-known for some of the best produce and baked goods in the city, the Italian Market on 9th Street is also America's oldest and largest working outdoor market in the United States. Charles Jacquin et Cie - America's oldest producer of cordials and liquors is still operating in Kensington, Philadelphia, supplying popular names such as Pravda vodka, Chambord, and St. Germain. DEBUNKED We're listing a few false claims of foods invented in Philadelphia so that you'll be all the wiser. Foods Invented In Philadelphia Ice Cream Ice Cream - Some local spots claim that Benjamin Franklin invented ice cream while in Philadelphia - although it had been produced in China since year 200 BC, in Asia since 400 BC, and in was recorded in early 1700's English Cookbooks when Franklin was just a kid. Although Ben Franklin did enjoy the treat, (who doesn't?), he did not invent ice cream. Philadelphia Cream Cheese - While this product was not created here in Philly, the name was a clever marketing ploy as Philadelphia was known for their high quality cheeses. Read more over on Billy Penn. Soft Pretzels - Yes, it's true that we've got the best here in Philadelphia. However, pretzels were actually invented in Italy in the 600s, and have a long history prior to appearing in our city. Hoagies - Wildly popular in Philadelphia, these sandwiches began appearing all over America at roughly the same time - in the mid-1800s when a large Italian population emigrated over. Although known by different names throughout the US, most commonly a submarine sandwich, hoagie, hero, or grinder, it's impossible to claim that any one person or city invented this. Philadelphia Food Tours

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  1. The Peanut Chews originated, and are still manufactured, in Philadelphia. The Bethlehem, Pa.-based company that makes Peeps, Just Born, bought the Peanut Chews company from the Goldenberg family over a decade ago.

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