Where To Savor The Most Authentic Tomato Pie In Philadelphia

Tomato Pie is considered to be one of Philadelphia's most famous regional specialties, but not all tomato pie is created equal. We've got the insider info on the best spots to indulge your senses with this classic Philadelphia staple.

Philadelphia Tomato Pie Marchiano's Bakery - Marchiano's tomato pie is rolled into long sheets by hand, and is then covered with crushed tomatoes, olive oil, and spices. Finally, a dusting of parmesan is added before you enjoy. Served at room temperature, this is a nod to how family matriarch Nunziata Marchiano believed the pie to be best enjoyed - to bring out the true taste and texture of the tomatoes. The business is still owned and operated by the Marchiano family, bringing an old-world charm to the location and it's goods. Glance behind their counter when you're in - you'll see photographs of the many celebrities who have also enjoyed Marchiano's baked Italian goods.

Sarcone's Bakery - Another Italian bakery with a rich history, the Sarcone's have gained many fans of their tomato pie throughout their 5 generations of ownership. Their tomato pie is made traditionally - with a foccacia-like crust and thick tomato sauce. Head early for yours, as they sometimes sell out before noon.

Cacia's Bakery - Completely cheese-less, this tomato pie differs from it's counterparts in a few other aspects as well. The crust is airy and light, but slightly more thin than a typical tomato pie. The tomato sauce is generous, with a strong flavor of oregano. Family-owned and operated, Cacia's has 8 locations for those seeking high quality tomato pie in the burbs. Pro Tip: Grab a cannoli while you're there; it's another of their specialties.

Gennaro's Tomato Pie - The whole-milk mozzarella and crushed tomatoes won the hearts of Thrillist, who voted Gennaro's as Pennsylvania's best pizza. They also have enough space to eat in, and are BYOB.

Baker St. Bread Company - A newcomer on the tomato pie scene, Baker Street Bread is one that doesn't disappoint. Their handmade crust has a balanced texture and is topped with robust tomato sauce. If their loyal fans aren't enough to convince you, they also were listed as one of America's Best Bread Bakeries by Bon Appetit Magazine.

Tony Roni's - Tony has honed his grandmother's recipe into one of the best tomato pies in Philly, with a crisp crust and a secret herb seasoning that leaves a distinct impression after each bite. They also won Best Of Philly for Tomato Pie in 2008, as well as numerous other awards from the locals.

Honorable Mention - Best Tomato Pie Outside Of Philadelphia Corropolese Deli - Since 1924, their sweet sauce has been winning hearts with the locals. While more sweet than many of the tomato pies in Philly, Corropolese's famous pie also has a rich, satisfying taste paired with a delicate but crisp crust.

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  1. I was gonna say Tony Ronis’ and it is on the list!! It is the best!!! so glad you included some outside of philly, the burbs don’t always get credit and not many burb lists out there to get on

  2. i love, love tomatoe pies, the best . i love TONY’S , FRANKFORD , hey i will try them all

  3. Gaeta’s Italian bakery on Castor Ave has the best tomato pie in the world. Tony’s Place on Frankford Ave is also really good. Don’t forget Joe Santucci square tomato pies on Knights road. Good stuff!

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